• Police officers help make hospitalized Pittsburgh girl's birthday one to remember


    PITTSBURGH - A teenage girl awaiting a liver transplant at UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh got a special birthday surprise Tuesday from police officers all over the country.


    Alicia Hruby’s mother told Channel 11’s Timyka Artist that her daughter has taken a liking to police officers and their patches.

    Two days before Christmas, when officers brought presents for patients at the hospital, Alicia said she didn’t want a gift. She simply wanted to see some of the police officers.

    “When we went down to the lobby, I began asking policemen from different areas if Alicia could see their patches because she collected police patches and loved getting them from as many different places as possible,” Alicia’s mother said. “Before you knew it, some of the guys were pulling the patches right off of their sleeves to give to her. It was so emotional.”

    Before the day was over, several different police departments had given their business to cards to Hruby.

    “We also gave them wristbands so they could follow her liver transplant journey on her Facebook page ‘Angels For Alicia Hruby,’” Hruby’s mother said.

    One officer read that Hruby hasn’t been able to leave the hospital yet and that she had a birthday coming up. She turns 16 on Monday.

    “That’s how Officer Scott Bailey got the idea to surprise Alicia for her Sweet 16 birthday with around 300 badges from all over the United States,” her mother said.

    Channel 11’s Timyka Artist was there Tuesday as the patches and badges were given to Alicia.

    “We have been here since before Thanksgiving, so, when she gets her transplant and we go home, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, her birthday, Easter and any other holidays we are in here for and, of course, her transplant,” Alicia’s mother said.

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