Pittsburgh police help those in need with Thanksgiving meals

PITTSBURGH — Officers packed up and handed out meals to community members in need.

“It means a lot to us actually. It’s probably one of the best parts of our jobs,” said Commander Shawn Malloy.

St. Mary’s Orthodox Church in South Side donated more than 3,200 meals of turkey and sides.

Officers and volunteers boxed up the feasts before dropping them off all across the city.

“Any time we can help out with the community, that’s what we’re here for,” said Malloy.

Officers say they love the opportunity to get out into the neighborhoods and build positive relationships.

“The officers really love doing this part,” said Malloy. “This is what we love to do the most.”

People like Sharon Smith, who received a meal, are grateful.

“It’s very meaningful, especially for our community so that we get to see our policemen in action and that they want to help us out and be grateful that they’re around to help us,” she said.