• Police: Jail escapee found at nearby bar drinking beer


    WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. - Police said a Washington County man escaped from a holding cell at a police station Saturday afternoon and celebrated his freedom by having a beer at a nearby bar.

    Authorities said Timothy Bonner was being processed at the Smith Township police station on an assault charge. Police said that when officers removed his handcuffs and put him in a holding cell, Bonner knocked the cell door off its hinges and escaped from the building.

    Detectives said Bonner went to Bill Stewart's house and asked to borrow shoes.

    "I guess they didn't secure him," Stewart said.

    According to police, detectives found Bonner a short time later at a nearby bar having a beer.

    Channel 11's Cara Sapida talked to Robert Smith, who said he bought Bonner a beer in Richy's Bar after he told him he had just escaped from jail.

    "He asked me to buy him a beer, so I bought him a beer. He didn't even get to take a drink of it before they slammed him on the bar," Smith said. "He was only here a few minutes before police showed up."

    Officials said Bonner is facing additional charges, and remains in the Washington County Jail on $10,000 bond.

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