• Police: Perps threw dead animals into bar

    BROOKVILLE, Pa. (AP) (AP)ong> - Police are investigating a case of bar kill: dead animals tossed into a tavern by dissatisfied customers.

    Brookville police Chief Ken Dworek said police believe they know who tossed the dead groundhog and, later, a grouse into Bill's Bar on Sunday, but they just can't prove it -- yet.

    The groundhog was tossed into the bar about 5 p.m., before a man sped off in a pickup. About four hours later, two men returned and tossed in the dead grouse for good measure.

    Dworek said he's hoping bystanders will help identify the men.

    The chief said the suspects are an underage man and another who has been refused service because of an alcohol problem.

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