Police in Peters Township investigating after windows in 2 homes were shattered

PETERS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Neighbors say they’re on high alert after police say two windows were shattered in Peters Township.

The police chief told 11 News that police ramped up patrols as soon as they heard what happened.

“We don’t know what the real intent was,” police Chief Douglas Grimes said. “Was it just to cause damage to the property? Or was it to gain entry to the property?”

Neighbors were too afraid to speak with us on camera.

Police are saying the suspects shattered a window on Bethany Drive and then drove off and ended up on Trotwood Drive more than three miles away, where they shattered another window.

Neighbors on Bethany Drive said this happened while it was still daylight.

“They were home when this occurred,” Grimes said. “They heard the window break. Looked out and saw multiple individuals near where the broken window was, who then fled on foot a short distance and jumped into a vehicle and drove away.”

Officers said at least one of the suspects was masked.

While our officers were there investigating that, we got a second call,” Grimes said.

Police say the family was also home at the other house when their window was shattered.

Police believe these cases are linked and are looking for a Honda Pilot.

“It makes you stop and think about what the possibilities may have been,” Grimes said. “Fortunately they were home and nothing more occurred after that.”

In the meantime, police are reminding neighbors to be on the lookout.

“If you see something in your neighborhood that looks out of place, call 911, by all means call 911, report it,” Grimes said. “Let’s get an officer over there and let us check it out.”

At this time police are saying these suspects could face criminal mischief charges.

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