• Police: Reds player's wife involved in altercation at PNC Park had no visible injuries


    PITTSBURGH - A Reds player’s wife who took to Twitter Tuesday night claiming she “got punched in the head at least 3 times by a Pirates fan” was involved in a large altercation, but was seemingly unharmed, police said.

    Pittsburgh police addressed the alleged assault Wednesday during a news conference.

    Investigators said security was called to the Bowtie Bar inside of the park due to a large group of Reds and Pirates fans arguing.

    Officers said about 20 to 30 fans from both teams were shouting profanities at each other and all had been drinking.

    “I think this was just a back and forth between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati fans. It came to a ‘fever pitch’ and drinking was involved, so that seems to escalate things,” Pittsburgh police Sgt. John Fisher said.

    Several of the people involved in the argument were ejected from the game. Fisher said two of the seven people ejected were with Dallas Latos, Mat Latos’ wife.

    While the argument escalated to pushing and shoving, police said they did not witness an assault.

    Fisher said Latos’ wife identified herself to police and claimed she had been assaulted by two females, who were also ejected, but according to investigators she did not have any visible injuries.

    Police said Dallas Latos refused medical treatment.

    "I'd like to note that there were no noticeable injuries or complaints of injuries from Mrs. Latos.  We offered her medical treatment, she declined medical treatment.  And I would like to also note that she was treated with the same courtesy and respect as any other fan or visitor to PNC Park," said Fisher.

    Officers said everyone involved in the argument had been drinking and all seemed “intoxicated.”

    Police noted that all players’ families and their parties are given designated seating with security and Dallas Latos and her party opted to leave the secure environment “and exposed themselves to the general public.”

    “We consider the matter closed at this time,” Fisher said. 

    Immediatley following Wednesday's news conference, Dallas Latos Tweeted several statements in response, including calling the news conference "garbage."

    "Ok. I came on here [Twitter] to tell the truth and am more or less over the verbal abuse. Yes, I am pressing charges. Yes, that presser was garbage," Dallas Latos tweeted. "The fact that our society condemns victims is disgusting. I have nothing to gain from telling my story besides a bunch of hate so save it."

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