Primanti Bros. giving free sandwiches to all named “Chris” or “Boswell” for Steelers’ victory

PITTSBURGH — Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar is giving out free sandwiches to any fan with the name Chris or Boswell on Monday, Jan. 10, in honor of the Steelers’ victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

“For anybody named Chris, Christopher, Christina … as long as it’s a Chris, they get a free sandwich,” Toni Haggerty, who works at Primanti Bros., said.

Anyone named Chris or Boswell must show proper identification to receive their free sandwich.

“There’s no reason not to celebrate,” said Adam Golomb, interim Placekicker and President, Primanti Bros. “It’s 2022 – so let’s raise a glass, a sandwich and a foot to new life in the post season.”

The sandwiches are available for Chrises and Boswells at all locations, for dine-in or call-in customers only.

“We want to celebrate together,” said Golomb. “As a city of Chrises, Boswells and Steeler fans.”