Propel security guard heads to court after being charged with indecent exposure

PITTSBURGH — 11 News was at the hearing of a school security guard accused of exposing himself in a local Walmart.

Investigators say when the suspect was stopped by police leaving this Walmart after being caught on camera exposing himself and committing a sex act, he told them he was law enforcement, showing his school ID badge and constable badge.

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Twenty-seven-year old Arlen Harper faced a judge briefly on Thursday. He and his attorney had the opportunity to review a 10- minute video that allegedly shows Harper inside of the Walmart in North Versailles exposing himself and performing lewd acts, back on Sept. 8.

Officers say they stopped him on his way out and he said he was law enforcement. He told them that he’s a constable and a school security guard. Since then, Propel Schools placed him on unpaid leave.

He worked there for about a year and a half. His lawyer, Phil Dilucente, said this was a one-time incident.

“I want to be very clear at no time were there any allegations outside of this in his whole professional career, as a constable or at Propel School District,” Dilucente explained

Harper is charged with indecent exposure and open lewdness. While he was elected as a constable, his lawyer said he has not served as one at this point.