• Proud To Be From Pittsburgh: Camp Inspire


    PITTSBURGH - Jacob Williams is about to feel like he's flying.

    “There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing kids doing regular kid stuff,” said Jason Edinger, “Camp Inspire” medical director.

    Tucked away at "The Woodlands" in Wexford, is "Camp Inspire.";It's an overnight camp specially designed for children who have ventilators and other complex medical issues.  Jacob is 13 years old and has been in a wheelchair most of his life.  He was paralyzed from the neck down in a car crash when he was just 18 months old.

    “If you get to know them and kinda get past what they have and get past that little bit of fear, they're amazing kids inside,” said Kurk Riek, “Camp Inspire” director.

    Now in their second year, this passionate team of Children's Hospital doctors, nurses and volunteers, have designed once-in-a-lifetime experiences for these 14 children.  For Jacob, his zip line adventure finally came true.

    “It took an hour and 15 minutes to get him up,” said Edinger.

    It was a tedious process that included taking Jacob off his usual ventilator and attaching him to a battery-powered device.

    “When I see him go down the zip line and everybody’s applauding,” said Edinger.  “That sounds like camp to me.”

    “Camp Inspire” has a little bit of a motto. For 51 weeks out of the year, these kids are always told, no. But for these five days, Joey and his fellow campers are told anything’s possible.

    There's wheelchair art, baseball and the always popular talent show.

    “Pittsburgh has been an amazing city for us,” said Riek.  “We've had a lot of support in achieving this dream and I think that's what you see around the city.”

    It's just another reason we are "Proud to be from Pittsburgh."  Camp inspire is 100 percent free for the families. Everything is funded through donations.

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    Proud To Be From Pittsburgh: Camp Inspire