• Revised rule puts student's graduation walk in jeopardy


    EAST ALLEGHENY, Pa. - A local high school senior’s attempt to capture memories of his final days at school may prevent him from walking at graduation.

    Lashon Newman told Channel 11’s Jennifer Tomazic that he doesn’t think he did anything wrong when he took out a video camera during gym class at East Allegheny High School.

    “I wanted to make a video documentary for all the seniors so we could watch it once we were out of school because we probably won’t see each other again," Newman said.

    Newman, who’s going to study pre-law at Robert Morris University in the fall, said he researched when he was allowed to use the camera. According to him, gym class was one of those times.

    However, Newman said when he went to record in gym class, he was taken to the principal’s office and told he couldn’t participate in the graduation ceremony.

    “I was frustrated because 12 years of all this work -- studying, honor roll, getting accepted to college -- and it’s devastating me,” Newman said.

    Channel 11 News uncovered a school electronics policy that says students are only permitted to use electronic devices during gym class, lunch, library and computer labs.

    The principal told Tomazic that some of the policies involving electronics have been revised and students were notified.

    Newman’s mother, Altruise Marshall, said she hasn’t seen a revised policy. She said she just wants to see her son cross the stage on graduation day.

    “This is his last year of school. You won't see him next year, you won't have no contact with him, what's the problem? Why can't he walk? He did what he was supposed to do,” Marshall said.

    Marshall said the school is looking into whether it will refund them the $50 she paid for his cap and gown if he’s not allowed to walk.

    “Hopefully I get to walk. Hopefully they change their ways so no younger students have the same problem I did,” Newman said.

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