Safety experts push for recall of stroller after reports of it breaking

WASHINGTON D.C. — Safety experts are pushing for the recall of a popular stroller many parents buy, after reports of it breaking while children are riding inside. The issues involved the Mockingbird Single-to-Double stroller.

Parent after parent has shared their stories.

“I was really scared,” CJ Chellin, who has two young sons, said. “I was shook. I was concerned they were hurt.”

“I can’t even describe how terrifying this is,” Ealeal Ginott, who has a young son and a baby daughter, said. “I don’t think anything that I can say really (does) justice to just how bad it could have been.”

They talked to us and posted on social media. With more than one young child, they bought the popular Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller. The details of what they experienced sound similar.

“It just, like, snapped in half,” Ginott recalled. “The front portion where my son was sitting collapsed forward. He was facing the ground.”

Chellin said this happened to her twice.

“The wheels sort of got caught, and it just collapsed and snapped again,” she described. “This time my son was facedown in the crosswalk on the street.”

“Consumer Reports safety experts are calling for a recall of this stroller,” Consumer Reports investigative reporter Lauren Kirchner said.

The nonprofit focuses on product safety.

“We’re also recommending to parents if you happen to own one of these strollers, if you happen to have a backup stroller, it might be a good idea to use that in the meantime until you hear more information from the company,” she said.

We reached out to Mockingbird. A spokesperson told us the company is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to determine the best course of action.

It also sent this note to customers alerting them of what they call “isolated incidents.” While they investigate, they advise parents to inspect the sides of the stroller for any visible cracks.

In the meantime, what happened still weighs on parents’ minds.

“Like at some point, you just have, like, that’s not a freak accident,” Ginott said. “That’s not a fluke.”

“How could a stroller, which is supposed to be sturdy, and it’s supposed to have children in it, which are supposed to be our most precious things, how could something like that just snap in half?” Chellin asked.

We reached out to the CPSC. A spokesperson said they can’t comment at this time.

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