School district employees vaccinated as students return to their classrooms

School district employees vaccinated as students return to their classrooms

LATROBE — The Greater Latrobe School District vaccinated staff with help from a local pharmacy; however, some people in the community who are in the state’s first phase aren’t happy they didn’t receive a vaccine and district employees did.

”It’s a no brainer. So, we are very fortunate the Medicine Shoppe had moved through their 1A individuals and were permitted to reach out and offer us the clinic,” said Dr. Georgia Teppert, superintendent of the Greater Latrobe School District.

Ligonier Valley also had the opportunity to vaccinate their staff by a local pharmacy, even though employees are not supposed to be immunized until Pennsylvania enters phase 1B.

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The state health department reportedly gave local pharmacies the OK to move onto the next phase if they had extra supply after completing phase 1A.

“It’s very important obviously it’s just another layer of protection for our staff and students. And the sooner who everybody chooses to be vaccinated is, that anxiety level and stress level will definitely decline.”

But not everybody is happy about school districts getting the chance to jump forward in line.

“I wrote to my representative, they got my shot. And that’s the way I feel. Somewhere I got pushed down lower because someone was able to jump ahead of us,” said Nazzi Zola of Hempfield Township.

Nazzi Zola is 68-years-old and is included in the first phase of the state’s expanded vaccination rollout plan, but after relentless attempts to try to get the vaccine, he’s still in the dark.

“There’s no comprehensive plan for us to get in queue or getting in a line, I’ve already contacted 3 pharmacies and it’s a little bit frustrating when all you know your name goes into a black hole,” said Zola.

The Greater Latrobe School District told Channel 11 they are waiting to hear back from the pharmacy as to whether or not the rest of the staff who signed up will get their vaccines this weekend.

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