• Sen. Casey pushing bill to eliminate gift card expiration dates


    PITTSBURGH - Gift cards a popular gift idea, but sometimes they don’t always get their entire value.

    Sen. Bob Casey is leading the effort to pass a bill that would ban expiration dates or inactivity fees on store gift cards.

    “They ought to be able to use those gift cards at any time. If a company is in bankruptcy they shouldn’t be giving out gift cards or other promotions,” Casey said.

    Consumer groups believe that too often gift card recipients are punished for waiting too long to use them.

    “If it’s been given to you, it’s still money. Why does it lose value? It doesn’t make any sense,” gift card recipient Dee Duncan said.

    Casey said he hopes to get the bill through Congress by the end of this year.

    Retailers said most big stores have already lifted restrictions on gift cards, so they’re questioning the need for new federal rules.

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