Severe Weather Team 11 shows us what to expect for spring

PITTSBURGH — Nearly five feet of snow and freezing temperatures may have you ready to put winter in the rear-view mirror and look forward to a fresh start in spring.

This year, more than ever, it’s good to hear there’s a new season taking shape.

Severe Weather Team 11 is getting to ready to get back outdoors.

Chief meteorologist Stephen Cropper looked at the trends and said March, April and May look warmer and wetter than normal.

La Nina helped fuel our snowy winter and that pattern should give us above average rainfall this spring. Rain will be possible on more than half the days in April and May, so have a “Plan B” indoors.

Spring looks warmer too, a trend we’ve been seeing for the last 50 years.

Our average spring temperatures have risen by nearly 30 degrees since 1970. That means more days above normal along with the chance for record highs. By May, we’ll be well into the 70s, so have the fans and air conditioning ready.

Meteorologist Jessica Faith says outdoor plans are her cure for cabin fever. She’s not alone. After being cooped up inside this winter, many other people are also ready to get outside and stretch their legs.

Warmer temperatures are great for outdoor dining.

Meteorologist Danielle Dozier talked to the manager at OTD North Park. They’re extremely excited that spring is right around the corner. They’re hoping the warmer temperatures will bring more people into the restaurant and eating outside on the patio, with a view of the lake.

“We were honestly so excited. It becomes very quiet around the winter time, so as soon as the sun keeps coming out we’re like, jumping up and down, ready for, ready to get these people outside on the patio again,” said Kristie Wharrey, General Manager of OTB North Park.

There’s no doubt that the weather and our outdoor lives will be getting better soon, but meteorologist Scott Harbaugh has a reality check.

Harbaugh said we still average nearly nine inches of snow through March and April every year.

Remember the Blizzard of 1993?

We’ve also seen snow in May three of the last eight years, Harbaugh said.

We won’t see normal nights in the mid-60s until the second half of April, so keep your sweaters and coats handy for a little longer.

Spring weather can change quickly, so download the free Severe Weather Team 11 app and have it with you when you head outdoors.