Sheriff praises work by sergeant nearly shot in Route 51 chaos

PITTSBURGH — Channel 11 News has obtained video of the sheriff deputy’s vehicle that was shot up during a wild chase and shootout on Route 51 earlier this week.

The suspect, Tyrone Harris, was killed, but not before he shot at a deputy.

Allegheny County Sheriff William Mullen told Channel 11's Damany Lewis that his deputy performed his job to the T -- helping to save lives.

Mullen said Sgt. Kevin Faulds didn’t know how close a bullet came to hitting him.


“He didn’t know it hit the windshield on the right side. He felt something go by him thinking it was flying glass,” Mullen said.

The preliminary investigation shows Faulds’ squad car was hit four times.

Mullen said the 16-year veteran initially didn’t think the man behind the wheel, Harris, was the suspect.

“He didn’t feel it was the same car because the driver didn’t try to speed away. So he wasn’t really sure,” Mullen said.

Seconds later, Faulds attempted to pull over the driver, but that’s when Mullen said bullets started flying.

Pittsburgh police and Port Authority officers eventually caught up with Harris on Route 51. Harris and officers exchanged gunfire, and Harris was killed.

Mullen said it was a joint effort to make sure that more lives weren’t put in danger.

He said he’s proud of the work of all law enforcement.

“I can’t say anything about excellence, but he’s as good as he can be. He’s been fortunate that he’s been in the right place and made the right decision,” Mullen said.

Mullen told Lewis the investigation into Monday’s shooting continues.