• Sources: City trying to locate Redd Up equipment


    PITTSBURGH - Just weeks after Mayor Bill Peduto eliminated the Redd Up crew, Target 11 has learned the city is going through the Redd Up department to make sure every piece of equipment is accounted for.

    City sources tell Target 11 the city has invoices for certain equipment but is having difficulty locating some of the items.   Sources told Target 11 one of those items is a generator.

    Peduto recently reported $200,000 in missing and damaged items when he moved into the Mayor’s Office.  Peduto turned the information over to the FBI. 

    Some of the items have since been recovered.  Former Mayor Luke Ravenstahl returned the $30,000 crystal Super Bowl trophy.  An antique clock was found in a vacant office in City Hall.

    Peduto also recently said he found $30,000 in damage to chandeliers in the Mayor’s Office.

    Target 11 took its information to Peduto who said he was unaware of Redd Up issues and that the information was not included in the list of missing and damaged items handed over to the feds.

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    Sources: City trying to locate Redd Up equipment

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