Suspect accused of leaving disturbing graffiti near local churches, identified with surveillance

SMITHTON, Pa. — “It was designed to be very disgusting and it definitely succeeded. Multiple people were disturbed,” Smithton Police Chief Michael Natale said.

Neighbors in Smithton woke up to vandalism and damage to their properties in one section of the Borough; vile images and words smeared on garage doors and fences.

The vandalism was visible to parishioners as they walked into church one Sunday morning earlier this month.

”It was possible to sit in one of these churches on Sunday morning, look out the window, and see this disgusting graffiti on a fence next door,” Natale said.

Much of the vandalism has already been cleaned up, and what remains is too graphic and vulgar to show.”

Some of the graffiti was in back alleys and some of it was right on a major street corner,” Natale explained.

A handful of properties were hit in the alley behind Third Street, and another was on Second Street.

Smithton Police said a vigilant neighbor with cameras rolling the night it happened captured the suspect and identified him as Jeffrey Schoaf, 18.

Smithton Police said they’d had dealings with him in the past before he turned 18, but now that he is an adult, he is facing criminal charges.

”I hoped very much that I got through to him as I hope I get through to anyone who’s 16 or 17, and going down the wrong path, but that birthday happened and his habits haven’t changed and now it’s for real,” Natale said.

Schoaf will appear in court at the end of October.

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