• SWAT team mistakenly raids woman's Sheraden home


    PITTSBURGH - A woman is demanding answers after she said SWAT teams mistakenly raided her Sheraden home Tuesday.

    Jessica Earnest told Channel 11 News that SWAT teams burst into her Faronia Street home Tuesday afternoon looking for a wanted man, but they had the wrong house.

    Some of the damage left behind was overturned beds, an air vent cover pulled from the wall and ransacked rooms.

    Earnest said officers handcuffed her with her two young children close by.

    “The way they all came in here and just threw smoke bombs and kicked in the door, we could have gotten hurt,” Earnest said.

    Earnest said she moved into the home less than a week ago and she’s never heard of the man police were looking for.

    She said officers apologized and handed her a search warrant before they left. Channel 11’s Alan Jennings reported the warrant had bad information.

    Attorney Frank Walker said police could be liable for the damage to Earnest’s house.

    Earnest said she is deciding whether to sue for damages and trauma.

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