• Teens claim after-school program teacher made them eat muffin out of trash


    WASHINGTON, Pa. - Washington School District is investigating claims made by three teenage boys that they were forced to eat a muffin out of a trash can by an after-school program teacher.

    Two of the boys’ mothers talked to Channel 11’s Cara Sapida (@WPXICara) about the alleged incident and called it disgusting and degrading.

    According to one of the mothers, Pamela Alekson, the boys were throwing the muffin around and it was batted into the trash.

    “I guess they were tossing it around and one boy batted it. It opened and landed in the trash,” Alekson said.

    According to Alekson, a teacher who isn’t affiliated with the school district made her 14-year-old son and two of his friends get the muffin out of the trash and eat it.

    “She divided it into three pieces and said they had to eat it or get a week of in-school,”Alekson said.

    The school district’s superintendent confirmed an incident happened and said it was caught on surveillance camera.

    The superintendent said the muffin was still in the wrapper when it went into the trash -- something the boys dispute.

    “My son said there was spilled milk and the can was full of trash. I mean, it’s the cafeteria,” Alekson said.

    The mothers said they want the teacher fired over the incident, which remains under investigation.

    “It’s very unsanitary. What would happen to me if I made my child eat out of the trash?” parent Roselyn Fedd said.

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