Travelers take to the skies for Thanksgiving holiday

Between today and Sunday, Pittsburgh International Airport anticipates 200,000 people will fly through their facility.

Nationwide, the Transportation Security Administration is expecting up to 2.5 million air travelers leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s close to the record-setting 2.9 million passengers on the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2019.

TSA says it is staffed up and ready to accommodate the large crowds both here in Pittsburgh and across the country.

Pittsburgh International reminds travelers to arrive around three hours early. A lot of travelers we spoke to were worried about missing their flights.

“I’m feeling a little anxious about getting my flight, because this line is really long and I just want to make sure I get on my flight to get to where I’m going,” Tina Akam told Channel 11.

Industry experts say the typical mad dash out of town the day before Thanksgiving may be a thing of the past — changed forever by the pandemic.

With so many people now working from home, experts anticipated more travelers catching flights on a staggered schedule — possibly heading to their destinations a few days early and working remotely.

But one traveler we spoke with said the security lines are the longest he’s ever seen at here in Pittsburgh.

“I’ve been coming here for — oh, jeez ... 35 years,” said Eddie Shuck. “Never seen a line this long.”