Two knives found in student’s possession at Canon-McMillan High School

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. — Two knives were found in a student’s possession at Canon-McMillan High School in Washington County on Thursday.

According to a message sent to parents by the school district, the district received a tip that there was a knife in the school. Two knives were discovered after a search.

North Strabane Township Police responded to the incident. The student was identified and possession of the knives was confirmed by administration and police.

The district said the incident has been turned over to the proper authorities for further investigation, but that the situation is resolved.

“We appreciate having the students bring this matter to our attention,” the district said at the end of their letter. “Please continue to speak to your kids and remind them, ‘If you see something, say something.’”

There is no word on if the student involved is facing any charges.