• Two sinkholes in Shaler getting bigger, worrying residents


    SHALER, Pa. - Two sinkholes in Shaler have residents worried about the problem getting worse before it gets better, and they’re wondering when the holes will be filled.

    The sinkholes, one on Delaware Drive and one on Maryland Drive, are only getting bigger as recent rains are exacerbating the problem.


    “It seems a lot bigger than it was yesterday,” said Phil Breidenbach. “I guess those rains washed a little bit more away from it.”

    Brooke and Justin Martinec also live nearby and told Channel 11 that their kids, along with many others in the neighborhood, play in the area and could be hurt by the sinkholes.

    “My son and his friends love to play around here,” said Justin Martinec. “They’re very curious, so I could see them being in there and falling through there.”

    Martinec said there are bricks and glass in the sinkhole that could seriously hurt anyone who fell in.

    Breidenbach contacted Shaler authorities and someone came out to put a yellow sawhorse over the hole.

    The only problem is the hole grew and the sawhorse fell right in.

    “Other than the sawhorse there, I don’t think they’ve done much of anything,” he said.

    An official with Shaler’s public works department told Channel 11 they know about the sinkholes, but they couldn’t give an exact timeframe on when they might be fixed.

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