• Viral video craze prompts suspension of more than a dozen Brownsville students


    FAYETTE COUNTY, Pa. - More than a dozen Brownsville High School students in Fayette County were suspended after creating a video known as the "Harlem Shake." 

    The videos have been popping up all over the Internet for weeks, which begin with one person dancing then cuts to a group of people dancing with costumes on to the same piece of music.

    Students involved in creating Brownsville's version of the video said they made the clip during their digital photography class. Alyssa Broadwater said she taped it with her iPad.

    "We were just thinking we were going to have a good time. It was a good time until we were suspended," said Broadwater.

    Broadwater said a substitute teacher was there when they filmed the video and several of the students posted it on Facebook. On Tuesday, the students involved were called down to the principal's office, Broadwater said.

    "We were just told we were suspended for two days and that some of us could be fined for our behavior. But that was all we were told," said Broadwater.

    While she doesn't agree with the behavior, Broadwater's mom said she thinks the punishment is also too harsh.

    "I don’t condone that behavior whatsoever, but I don't agree with the punishment. I believe they should be punished. I just don't think they should miss class," said Kathleen Broadwater.

    She said she thinks in-school suspension or detention would be more appropriate and that the students involved in the video are good kids who don't usually get in trouble.

    Channel 11 News tried contacting the school's superintendent, who did respond. Brownsville's solicitor said they do not comment on disciplinary action, but there are policies in place regarding class disruptions that could result in suspension.

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