• What not to buy on Black Friday


    PITTSBURGH - Many shoppers will be flocking to the stores for Black Friday deals.  But, is it really the best time to buy?  Channel 11's Katherine Amenta went looking for answers.

    It may surprise you, but experts say the best deals on the hottest gifts are not always on Black Friday.  That includes toys.  According to dealnews.com, the real savings on toys are just days before Christmas.  Of course, that means toys could sell out and parents I found said that's risky business.

    "Kids can't wait," said shopper Juanita Smith.  "They have to have it under the tree ... I will not let my kids or grandkids wait."

    "What am I going to save, about 10 bucks if I wait?" said shopper Terence Donnelly.  "I like seeing my kids happy."

    Also, fight the temptation for a new flat screen TV.  Retailers will offer Black Friday deals, but many are on low-end models.  Brand name high-def TVs see their best prices at the end of December.

    You should also stay away from jewelry.  Experts say don't buy this at all during the holidays.  They say the real discounts are after Christmas and before Valentine's Day. And finally, skip the Christmas decorations.  You should never buy those during the holidays.  You should wait until right after.

    "They're the cheapest," said Smith.  "They are half the price of what they're selling them now."

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