• Wilkinsburg woman complains about response time for leaning utility pole


    WILKINSBURG, Pa. - A Wilkinsburg woman contacted Channel 11 News after she said a utility pole in front of her house is dangerously leaning.

    Jana Woodruff, who lives in the Blackridge neighborhood of Wilkinsburg, said she’s so concerned about the pole that she won’t park in front of her house.

    “It’s a dangerous situation and I don’t understand,” Woodruff said. “I actually got a knock on my door from my neighbor who said the pole was falling.”

    According to Woodruff, the pole has been leaning for some time, and it got worse after a recent water main break and the snow.

    She said she’s called Duquesne Light several times to get something done and a new pole was installed. However, the old leaning pole is still there.

    “They tied a rope around it and left. That was Monday night,” Woodruff said. “It’s past frustrating. I’m usually easy going, but I grew up during the radical 60s and I believe in fighting for what is right. That’s why I keep calling.”

    Woodruff said she believes the area in which she lives has something to do with Duquesne Light’s response time.

    “If I said this was Squirrel Hill or Mt. Lebanon, they never would have left this like this for three or four days,” Woodruff said.

    Channel 11’s Vince Sims contacted Duquesne Light and officials told him that the pole is secure and not in danger of falling.

    They said the old pole will eventually be taken down, but they have to wait for Comcast and Verizon to remove their lines.

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