• Worker fights off armed robbery attempt


    PITTSBURGH - Police said a Subway employee fought off an attempted robbery early Wednesday morning in Shadyside.

    Channel 11’s Vince Sims reported that a man was working in the Subway on Centre Avenue when a man in a white coat and ski mask walked in, showed a gun and demanded money.

    According to Sims, the worker smacked the gun out of the robber’s hand, grabbed a broom handle and forced the robber out of the store.

    Investigators told Sims the robber got into a waiting car and fled the scene on Negley Avenue.

    Police said the worker, who was not injured, ran to a nearby pizza shop and called 911.

    “I think it’s wonderful (that the worker fought back). If they would have come to my establishment, I work on Fifth Avenue, I’m down for whatever,” Melicia Bey said.

    Police said there are security cameras inside and outside the business, and they’ll try to use that video in their investigation. Anyone with information on the attempted robbery is asked to contact authorities.

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    Worker fights off armed robbery attempt

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