• Man credits Siri for saving his life after crash


    LAS VEGAS - A Nevada man thought he might not survive a crash in the middle of the desert that left him alone and unable to move. Then he remembered he didn't need to move to dial his phone, Siri could do it for him. 

    "As soon as I felt the rear end of the Jeep start to come around sideways, there it went," Nate Felix told KSNV. Felix says there wasn't time to think, only react, his Jeep landing in a dry lake bed with a hard shudder.


    "I tried to crawl out but my whole body was probably about 80% paralyzed, I couldn't even lift my head," said Felix.  He was trapped and in pain, desperately trying to think of a way to get himself and his dog to safety.

    "I had my dog lay next to me, trying to figure if I could stay warm through the night. But after 10 minutes of that I realized there was no way I would able to stay warm enough," said Felix. He was in the middle of nowhere. He couldn't move. No one could hear him scream -- except maybe his phone.

    "So I yelled, 'Hey Siri!' started yelling 'call so and so, call so and so,' going through anyone I could think of. It didn't work out, it said 'cannot connect, cannot connect' and so I said 'Hey Siri, call 911' and it said 'connecting,'" said Felix.

    Lying upside down on his stomach inside his Jeep, Felix says he had just one person on his mind, his 10-year-old daughter Dallis. "I have a daughter, ya know, unfortunately she lost her mom to cancer and I gotta get home," said Felix.

    The Pahrump Valley Fire Dept. responded to the call. They used spreaders to pry open the Jeep's mangled door and extricated Felix on a backboard.

    After four days in the hospital, Felix now sits in a wheelchair. with his dog by his side. "The two vertebrae that I broke, turns out to be the nerve endings for the arms and hands, so it feels like my arms are sitting in a fireplace."

    That day now plays out over and over again. So do two words that saved his life: "Hey Siri."



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