Man finds card skimmer at South Fayette Township GetGo

Man finds card skimmer at South Fayette Township GetGo

SOUTH FAYETTE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Giant Eagle and its banking partners plan to check all of the ATMs inside their stores and GetGos after a man found a card skimmer at a GetGo.

The man posted pictures on Facebook of the card skimmer on the ATM in a South Fayette Township GetGo, and the photos have been shared more than 2,400 times.

The man told Channel 11’s Brittny McGraw that he always checks an ATM multiple times for a skimmer before using it, since he was a victim once before. He then gave the device to the store’s manager and called police.

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James Liska uses the GetGo regularly and also knows the problems a card skimmer, can cause from personal experience.

"The next morning I get a voicemail that says they suspect illegal activity on my bank account," Liska said.

Liska told Channel 11 thieves stole $1,600 using bank information they got from a skimmer and he now knows ways to spot one.

"I always check the counter ones. If they have a false top, because you can touch them and if something feels loose, don't use that because somebody put something on top of it -- takes your information," Liska said.

Giant Eagle released the following statement regarding the incident.

"It appears that the device was installed, detected and removed within a 27 hour window. Giant Eagle is actively reviewing all security policies and procedures to ensure that we have best practices in place to safeguard our customers' personal information."