• Man hires support clown before firing


    AUCKLAND, New Zealand - When Josh Thompson learned he was going to be fired, he didn't see it as a problem or a challenge. He saw it as an opportunity, especially when he found out he could bring a support person.

    Thompson hired a support clown and brought him to his firing. Pictures of them have become a viral sensation on social media.


    According to New Zealand media, Thompson suspected he was facing the axe at the advertising agency where worked.

    He was told he could bring a "support person," and he decided to bring a support clown.

    The New Zealand Herald reported that Joe the Clown, a professional clown, made balloon animals as Thompson was told he was being let go.

    Joe made a suitably mournful face and mimed crying as Thompson's employers slid the paperwork across the table. 

    Then the clown continued his attempt to raise Thompson's spirits by creating a balloon unicorn and poodle to lighten the mood.

    It's not all bad news for Thompson, as he has already got a new job. 

    After advertising his own firing with a clown by his side, Thompson's creativity quickly earned him the new job.


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