• Man in standoff surrenders after sheriff buys him a hamburger


    POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Okla. - A suspect in Oklahoma wasn't giving himself up, but deputies were eventually able to talk him down with a pretty simple offer. 

    With their guns drawn and deputies on edge, officers had a motor home surrounded. The man inside was possibly armed. 


    It all started when police tried pulling over Robert Scott for making an illegal turn. Instead of stopping, he allegedly drove home and disappeared into the motor home. 

    Other agencies were called in to help and it turned into a high-risk scenario. 

    Police Lt. Travis Sullivan tried to calmly talk Scott out of the trailer. When that didn't work, they tried calling Scott on his cellphone. 

    Scott answered the phone and told Sullivan he had been on his way to get a hamburger when he realized he had forgotten his cellphone. He said he had turned around to go back home to get it. In his rush for a juicy burger, he said, he didn't see the officers trying to pull him. 

    Sheriff Mike Booth came up with the idea to make Scott  an offer he just couldn't refuse. Officers went and got Scott the hamburger he said he had been going to get in the first place. 

    "So he came out and we talked about stuff. And while he was sitting there, eating his hamburger and drinking his Coke, the end result was a decision was made that he'd be going to jail. If that's what helps get him out, I'll go buy him a hamburger. I don't have a problem with that," Sullivan told KFOR

    Scott and his family have declined to comment on the incident. 


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