• Man released from jail, steals unmarked police car before getting arrested again


    McKeesport - A man, who was released from prison, quickly went back after stealing an unmarked police car he saw running Wednesday.

    Mario Tiller was initially arrested after allegedly causing a disturbance at UPMC McKeesport. Police said he was picked up for public drunkenness.


    Seven hours later, Tiller was released. After being released, he saw a parked car that was still running and took off.

    “That’s kind of unbelievable,” Jennie Thomas said. “But, I guess people do crazy things.”

    According to police, the unmarked SUV was left running to recharge the car battery.

    Police reviewed surveillance footage of the theft and said they saw Tiller taking it.

    After dispatching a look out bulletin, the vehicle was pulled over 23 minutes later without incident.

    Tiller was charged with stealing a police car and faces a preliminary hearing later this month. 

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