Man's ear bitten off during fight about President Trump, police say

Pittsburgh police were called Monday morning to a gas station on Baum Boulevard in East Liberty for a report of a man who had been assaulted.
According to police, the 30-year-old victim told officers he had been assaulted in his apartment on Amber Street when an argument about President Donald Trump turned physical.
The man told investigators that his right ear was bitten off, and he ran to the gas station for help. He was taken to a hospital in stable condition.
“He came and he bite me,” Marcos Ortiz said.
Officers recovered the ear in the apartment. 
Ortiz said he and his roommate are broth from Mexico and were drinking at a bar. When they returned back to their apartment, Ortiz said his roommate became irate about Trump’s immigration policy – saying he didn’t want to be deported and took his anger out on him.
Ortiz told Channel 11 hid roommate went for a knife and that’s when Ortiz ran out the door, but was pushed down the steps.
“He pushed me, and I go all the way,” Ortiz said.
Police say they know who the ear-biting suspect is, but have declined to name him while they searched for the suspect and continued to investigate.
Police spokeswoman Emily Schaffer says she's unable to say at this point whether the victim was pro- or anti-Trump, or which position motivated the attacker.
Ortiz said they had only lived together for six months.

PITTSBURGH — The Associated Press contributed to this report.