• Men 'banned for life' from gun range for reckless selfies


    HOUSTON, Tex. - A gun range customer held a gun to his friend's head, hoping to get a picture for social media.

    The gun range not only banned both men for life but is now hoping their stupidity will be a lesson to others.   

    "It's a scary thing to watch," Kyle Harrison, the manager at Top Gun Range told KTRK.

    Video from the range's security camera caught a scene that starts off bad enough -- one guy taking a selfie, gun in hand -- and then it gets worse, a cringe-worthy moment when he points the gun at his friend's head for another picture. 

    The range safety officer quickly intervenes.


    "He reacted perfectly. He was quick. He was professional, he was very direct, he disarmed the gentleman, cleared the weapon and evacuated the range," said Harrison.

    Harrison says while the gun was not loaded, this is everything you shouldn't do when it comes to firearm safety and that's why they're sharing the video. He says never point a gun at anything you don't want to destroy.  

    While the range is there for practice, customers are expected to do it safely. Harrison says they violated the rules and they won't be allowed back.  

    "Banned for life. So after they had the incident, we took them to the lobby. We recapped what rules they broke in our range and then we got their stuff for them and we banned them for life," said Harrison.



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