• Mom rocks out to Kelly Clarkson while son tries to disappear


    HALETHORPE, Md. - A Maryland mom is going viral for her display of girl power at Tuesday's University of Maryland basketball game. Her lip-syncing, as well as her 10-year-old son's embarrassment of it all, has gone viral.

    "He'll think in 20 years from now I'm 'the cool mom,'" Mandy Remmells told WJLA. But Remmells' son, Blake, is not at all convinced of that.

    A lot of you may have had moms who embarrassed you growing up, but chances are they never did anything like this to you. During a break of the basketball game, the Xfinity Center did a fan cam. "I was like, 'I love Kelly Clarkson,' so I started singing and then, all the sudden we noticed, 'Oh, they're on us,' and so, I just started singing directly to him, and he was not having it," said Remmells.


    The combination of mom's enthusiasm and Blake's desire to just hide has made this go viral. "I was like, oh, he is so embarrassed, we're just going to keep going," said Remmells.

    This is not out of character for Remmells. Last year, at her own wedding and in her full wedding gown, Remmells crossed the dance floor doing the worm. "I know that she always does stuff like that. All the time," said Blake. "If you do some things that are fun, then your kids will really like you. But if you don't do a lot of things that are fun, then they probably won't like you that much."



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