• Mother delivers her own baby in sudden birth


    DUNELLEN, N.J. - A New Jersey mom was home alone when she went into labor last week. She ended up delivering her baby girl all by herself just a few minutes after labor started.

    "It maybe took a minute," recalls Melissa Dawson.

    Dawson would have loved a 60-second labor had she not been at her home all alone. "I got a sharp pain and 'Oh my gosh the baby's coming.' Another sharp pain, 'Oh my gosh, I feel the head.' Another sharp pain, 'Oh my God, there's a baby on the floor.' Literally that quick." 

    Her husband on the phone with her while he was dropping off their 2-year-old at the in-laws 20 minutes away. "And she's like 'The baby's coming, the baby's coming, I can feel the head.' And then, literally within seconds, she's like 'The baby's on the floor.' I'm like ... 'What?' Greg Dawson told WABC.


    The nanny camera in the next room actually recorded those terrifying sounds of labor. You can even hear the baby's first cries and Melissa even took a selfie picture.

    Her husband, with the help of a neighbor, got emergency responders to the house. They bashed in the door and then the nanny camera shows them wheel out Melissa. Greg finally makes it home and gets to hold his new baby.

    With her first daughter, Melissa labored 43 hours, a marathon compared to this new baby born Thursday. Melissa and Greg named her Bria Belle, which means "strong beauty." 

    "She's stronger than I could ever have imagined. And this whole experience just taught me to love and respect and cherish my wife so, it's beautiful," said Greg.

    Both mom and daughter were checked out at the hospital and sent home two days later. 



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