Mother of 12-year-old boy arrested after he accidentally shot, killed his twin brother

Boy dies after being accidentally shot by his twin

SAN BERNADINO, Calif. — Gabriela Keeton was arrested after police say her twin sons were playing with a family gun and one of the boys accidentally shot and killed the other.

San Bernardino police said the two 12-year-old boys were alone at their home when they found the unsecured gun in the master bedroom.


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According to investigators, the gun wasn't loaded but ammunition was nearby. Officers said one boy pretended to shoot the other when the gun accidentally went off.

Sean Anderson lives next door. He watched as paramedics rushed to save the young boy who was bloody from being shot in the torso. The boy died at the hospital.

"I wouldn't like to see any parent lose any of their child or even a brother losing one of their siblings or anything like that," Anderson told KCAL.

Anderson has four kids and said this is a tragic reminder for parents to educate their children about firearms.

"You know they know that's a no-no. They know it's bad. They know an adult is supposed to hold it or carry it if there is any danger, you know?" said Anderson.