• Mysterious explosions spook residents


    WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A township in Pennsylvania is on edge following a series of mysterious explosions.

    They've been going on since March, usually in the middle of the night, in Washington Township. People are also finding what appear to be unexploded bombs.

    Kyle Ott had just stepped out of his truck, when he discovered what appeared to be a bomb lying in his yard, "It was about one inch, inch and half, inch and three quarters in diameter, about six inches long, fuses sticking out of it."


    Across the street, Kathy Olexson found one too, "When I was mowing the grass, I found one. Suppose my mower would have sparked and it would have gone off."

    None of the devices detonated but, "The concern is, maybe next one will," said Olexson.

    Neighbors said they've been literally rattled out of their beds.

    "For months now we've been hearing bombs in the middle of the night," Olexson told WFMZ.

    "Loud explosions, shake your house, rattle your windows," said Ott. 

    Chief Scott Miller of the Washington Township police confirmed 10 reports of explosive sounds since the end of March. The most recent were two on June 3.

    "This is absolutely criminal," said Miller. "We don't have a concrete motive or reason at this point."

    The ATF said it's aware and willing to help if need be. 

    Neighbor said they also saw FBI agents. 

    One theory that is circulating in the community is that someone maybe dropping the devices from a drone.

    "That has been speculated, I can tell you from the investigation standpoint, my officers and or myself have not been able to validate that concept or theory," said Miller.

    Last year, a series of explosions also rattled Pennsylvania's Bucks County, which is about 300 miles away. Police later arrested two suspects in that case.


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