• Mystery Oreo flavor revealed as Fruity Pebbles

    By: Kelcie Willis, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    The previously unknown flavor of mystery Oreos creme has been revealed.

    After offering a $50,000 prize for the person who entered a correct guess on the Oreo mystery cookie website, Mondelez, the company that owns Oreo, revealed the source of the creme’s fruity flavor.



    “It was a mystery for the ages. That is, the stone ages. The Mystery Oreo cookie flavor is Fruity Pebbles cereal,” Oreo posted on Facebook Tuesday.

    The reveal was less surprising and appeared to just confirm the consensus of many who tried the cookie. Multiple comments on Facebook said that the flavor choice was not a favorite.

    “See, at first bite it tastes like Fruity Pebbles, but then as you keep eating, it tastes more and more like the bowl of Fruity Pebbles you ate while hiding in your closet at 4 years old,” Andy Breunsbach commented.

    Oreo has revealed the flavor of its mystery cookie. JUSTIN SULLIVAN

    “Nobody asked for fruit flavored Oreos. Nobody asked for any of this,” Brittany Golden wrote. “It’s too far. You’re trying to be someone you’re not when we loved you just how you were. Please end this.”

    “They were awful. Me and my dude had one cookie each and we both took one bite and couldn't finish it,” Kimberly Rhoden commented. “Wasted like what $5 on cookies no one ate.”

    When the contest was initially announced in October, the cereal was a popular guess. 


    Oreo has released a similar cookie flavor before. In 2016, junk food blog Junk Banter posted about Fruity Crisp Oreos, which had golden Oreo wafers instead of the classic chocolate flavor.

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