• Father in police custody after 2-week-old baby found dead in woods

    By: Chris Jose, WSBTV.com


    NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. - A Georgia father is in police custody after family members said a missing 2-week-old baby was found dead Sunday.

    Volunteer search crews said they found the body of Caliyah McNabb in the woods in a duffel bag. WSB-TV's Chris Jose was the only reporter on the scene when search volunteers made the discovery.

    Jose was told to step back from the wooded area as it quickly turned into a crime scene.


    The Newton County Sheriff's Office said the child's father, Chris McNabb, is a person of interest in the case. Officials said he jumped out of a car and ran away Sunday afternoon after Caliyah's body was found. He was found several hours later, authorities said.

    Breaking: Missing 2 week old baby Caliyah McNabb found dead in the woods, family says. She was found in a bag near her Newton Co home. pic.twitter.com/zutG1LX5Df

    McNabb has been arrested on a probation violation out of Bartow County. Investigators said McNabb is a person of interest in his daughter's death.

    The baby's mother was taken in for questioning. She is not considered a suspect or person of interest. 

    Authorities had searched Saturday for the missing child in Newton County.

    The baby's parents called 911 when they noticed she was missing around 10 a.m. They told investigators she was fed at 5 a.m. and she was gone when they woke up.

    Family members gave Jose a photo of the child.

    Newton County sheriff's deputies and search dogs were on the scene at the Eagle Point trailer park in Covington. The search grid was a two-mile radius.

    "I want my kid back, man. That's my child, man. I want my kid!" Christopher McNabb said.

    Jose spoke with family members outside the home Saturday.

    "She was so tiny. So innocent," said Caliyah's grandfather, Tim Bell.

    The Sheriff's Office said Caliyah's disappearance was suspicious.

    A "15-day-old child obviously didn't leave by themselves," said Keith Crum with the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

    "It started out as a missing child, but we treat it as a potential homicide, kidnapping," Crum added.

    Family members were puzzled about how the newborn just disappeared.

    "She's just a little baby. Stuff like this ain't supposed to happen," Bell said.

    The Sheriff's Office suspended its search around 8:30 p.m. Saturday.



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