Man attacked by bear while hunting elk

Man Hunting Elk Attacked By Bear

LIVINGSTON, Mont. — An Idaho man was attacked by a grizzly bear Saturday while hunting elk with a bow in Montana.

Bob Legasa and his hunting partner were approaching a herd of elk when they unexpectedly came upon a sow grizzly with her cub about 36 feet away, KBZK reported.

"Before I could even reach for my bear spray, she was at full charge," Legasa wrote on Facebook. "I was able to get my arm up to (somewhat) protect my face when she knocked me over."

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Greg Gibson, Legasa’s hunting partner, was able to blast a shot of bear spray, redirecting her attention toward Gibson.

Gibson hit her with another shot of bear spray before she and her cub ran off.

During the fracas, Legasa ended up spraying himself with the deterrent. He also suffered a broken arm where the grizzly grabbed it with her mouth.

Legasa is recovering at a hospital until Monday.