Man shot to death over Xbox sale gone wrong, wife says

A Colorado man died when he was shot while selling his Xbox One game.

The wife of a Colorado man who was shot to death Oct. 31 over an Xbox sale gone wrong said her husband was trying to draw gunfire away from her when he was killed, WDVR reported.

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“He died protecting me,” Miranda Clymer told the television station.

Jacob Clymer, 32, died after the daytime shooting in Aurora. He had agreed to sell an Xbox One to a 15-year-old who contacted him via Facebook, The Denver Post reported. The Clymers met the teen, who had agreed to buy the console and games for $250, the newspaper reported.

But when Miranda got out of the couple's vehicle, the teen pulled a gun on her, WDVR reported.

Jacob Clymer pulled out his own gun and told the buyer, "Let's not do this," Miranda Clymer told the Post.

The buyer then fired multiple shots, killing the father of three, before fleeing, the newspaper reported.

Police arrested a 15-year-old boy hours after the shooting, KDVR reported. He was charged Wednesday with two juvenile counts of first-degree murder, a count of attempting to commit aggravated robbery and a charge of menacing, Sue Lindsay, a spokeswoman for the 17th Judicial District Attorney's Office, told the Post.

Miranda Clymer cautions others selling items online to take precautions.

“You never know if they’ll take advantage of the opportunity. Meet at a police department. I can’t replace my husband. I can’t replace my children’s amazing father,” she told the television station. “My husband’s life was worth more than an Xbox One -- more than $250.”