• New dinosaur announced, discovered in Texas national park

    By: Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    You may think that all of the types of dinosaurs have been found, but that's not the case as scientists have added another fossil to the prehistoric record.

    The fossil of the Aquilarhinus palimentus was actually uncovered in the 1980s but was stuck together in one mass, scientists were finally able to make an in-depth examination of it more than 30 years later, the Houston Chronicle reported.

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    They had been able to look at some of the bones in the 1990s and could see two arched nasal crests, The Associated Press reported.

    The fossil is in the family tree of the Gryposaurus or duck-billed dinosaurs but experts said it was a primitive species in the line and could show the evolution of the duck-billed dinosaurs.

    Their conclusion of where it came in the line was based on an odd lower jaw, according to the AP.

    The fossils are being examined at the University of Texas at Austin. They came from Big Bend National Park, the AP reported.



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