• Oregon now lets people pump their own gas and some Oregonians are losing their minds

    By: Fiza Pirani, Atlanta Journal-Constitution


    The country is trolling Oregonions for their reactions to the new state law requiring people to self-serve at the gas pumps.

    For 65 years, Oregon forbid residents from filling up their own tanks. New Jersey is the only other state to have the law.


    House Bill 2482, signed into law last year by Gov. Kate Brown, now allows motorists to pump their own gas in nearly half of Oregon’s 36 counties. The law took effect Jan. 1.

    When KTVL, a local CBS affiliate in Medford, Oregon, shared a Facebook post to alert locals about the new law on Dec. 29, many Oregonians responded with outrage.

    The comments on the post made their rounds on social media, and the memes and GIFs ensued.

    Many folks, surprised that the issue caused such an uproar, poked fun at the Oregonion commenters.

    Those opposing the new law often argue filling up your own gas can be unsafe, could lead to job losses and is insensitive to the elderly or disabled population.

    For the record, when it comes to concerns regarding the elderly or those with disabilities having to pump their own gas, the Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that service stations offer assistance, according to the Huffington Post.

    And critics from the 48 states with self-serve gas pumps say pumping gas is perfectly safe.

    Don’t know how to pump gas? No problem. Watch the video below for help:


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