• Student shows holiday spirit, gives classmate a new pair of Air Jordans

    By: Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    GREENSBORO, N.C. - A North Carolina student showed the true meaning of Christmas this year after noticing that a classmate was in need of a new pair of shoes.  

    But it was not just any shoes according to WTVR it was a pair of "Concord" Air Jordan 11 lows.

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    According to WRIC, Yaovi Mawuli said that other kids were teasing his classmate about his worn shoes, so he decided to help him get a new pair of the shoes many will wait in line for.  Mawuli asked other "Greensboro Sneakerheads" on Facebook how to go about giving the gift.  

    He posted "I spotted a kid in my french (sic) class earlier today at school with these (the worn-out shoes) on only because this other guy was making fun of him. So I'm planning on giving him a pair of concord lows (sic), now my question is how do I present it to him without himfeeling like I feel sorry for him?"

    Now social media is giving Mawuli shout-outs for coming to the aid of a classmate who is now a friend.

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