UD student from Pittsburgh struck by lightning on campus

DAYTON — A college student from the Pittsburgh area is recovering after being struck by lightning on the campus of the University of Dayton Wednesday night.

According to WHIO, the student  was not conscious before emergency crews arrived on scene.


The caller tells a dispatcher that the victim was “not moving at all,” according to a recording of the conversation.

He then said the student was “not responding” as someone performed chest compressions.

The dispatcher asked to be put on speaker phone and gave instructions on how to perform CPR.

The caller said he was parking his car when, “I saw him running and I saw the lightning come down and I saw him hit the ground.”

The student, identified by Channel 11 News as 23-year-old Sean Ferguson, was conscious when rescue workers took him to the hospital. WHIO reported that Ferguson's father said his son remains in critical but stable condition at Miami Valley Hospital.

District Chief Joe Meyer said it is a miracle.

On Thursday, Channel 11's Amy Marcinkiewicz talked to pastor of Ferguson's church -- St Mary's of Assumption Church on Middle Road in Indiana Township -- Fr. John.

Fr. John said Ferguson was in charge of the youth ministry. He went on trips to help disadvantaged families.

Fr. John said Ferguson’s parents and sister are in Dayton at the hospital, along with more than 20 of his college friends.

UD student Michael Jacob said he was studying in a nearby building when he heard a loud clap of thunder, then heard sirens from fire trucks, ambulances and police.

Jacob said he looked out of a window and saw them gathered around, in a cluster, in the center of the parking lot where the student was struck.

William Fischer, vice president for student development at the university, asked students, faculty and staff to pray for Ferguson, his family and friends.

According to a press release from the school, the campus community is holding a prayer service at the University of Dayton's Chaminade Chapel  beginning at 5 p.m. Thursday to pray for Ferguson.