North Hills organization warns community about donor scam

North Hills organization warns community about donor scam

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. — North Hills Community Outreach issued a warning Tuesday to the community about a person posing as the organization in order to obtain money and credit card numbers.

“It's very concerning for us,” Executive Director Sharon Wolf said.

North Hills Community Outreach helps low income families in the Pittsburgh area. Wolf said last year alone, the organization helped 4,000 families.

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On Tuesday, the organization sent a letter to donors, telling them that someone may be trying to take their money.

Wolf said a donor called them Tuesday, saying a woman called and asked for donations for the organization. The executive director said North Hills Community Outreach isn’t calling donors right now and doesn't want anyone to give out their credit card or send money to someone who is trying to take advantage of them.

“When he said he was not able to give at this time, she really pressured him. We just wanted to get the word out that this person is not from Community Outreach,” Wolf said.

She said police told her that they couldn't do much because they don't have any contact information for the woman.

Wolf said she worries about the impact the scheme could have on the people the organization serves if someone does give money to the wrong person.

“If a donor thinks it’s given to us, that may impact the people we serve,” she said.