Oakmont Bakery plans to move to double its space

Oakmont Bakery plans to move to double its space

The owners of Oakmont Bakery on Allegheny Avenue are in the early stages of a plan to move the popular business to a larger space off Hulton Road across from Riverview High School.

OAKMONT, Pa. — The owners of Oakmont Bakery have a plan in the works to move into a space that’s double its current facility.

“At our current location, we have limited parking,” owner Marc Serrao told Channel 11’s news partners at

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. “Production bakers and decorators have limited workspace. We aren't able to add equipment. Customers have a difficult time navigating through the retail area at busy times.”

reported that the proposed solution is to move the popular bakery's store and production from the heart of Oakmont’s business district to properties that the Serrao family owns at Hulton Road, across Third Street from Riverview High School. A lot needs to be done, though, before that can happen.

Serrao told

that he’s working to find homes for his tenants at the properties he wants to consolidate with 308 and 316 Hulton Road for the bakery expansion.

The new facility would be twice the size of the current bakery located on Allegheny Avenue and would have approximately 100 parking spaces.

“We are still in the preliminary planning stages,” Serrao told

. “My hope would be to start building next year.”