• Officer In Court, Accused Of Giving Accused Killer Information

    ROCHESTER, Pa.,None - A preliminary hearing is under way for a part-time police officer accused of using police computer programs to give information to a New Sewickley Township man accused of shooting his wife and killing a companion of hers.

    The shooting near the Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe along Route 65 at the East Rochester Shopping Plaza killed Thomas Dougherty, 54, and injured the suspect's wife, Linda Baker, 48.

    VIDEO: Officer In Court, Accused Of Giving Accused Killer Information SLIDESHOW: Images Of Suspect, Shooting Scene

    The accused gunman, Greg Baker, 55, immediately went to the police station to turn himself in.

    The Bakers' daughter, Carrie, took the stand on Tuesday, saying Baden Officer Mark Grant came to the family business to help her dad out. She said her father gave Grant a phone number, which he ran in his police car computer and pulled up information on Jayson Fady.

    Carrie Baker said Fady had previously called the family's home, which concerned her and her father, because Linda Baker had been in rehab for drugs.

    Grant, 34, is charged with a felony count of unlawful use of a computer, among other charges.

    Less than a week after Grant allegedly gave Greg Baker the phone number, Linda Baker and Dougherty were shot.

    Grant admitted he used the police system to pull up drivers' licenses and information because Baker was worried about his wife.

    "He wasn't using it illegally, just trying to help out a citizen," said defense attorney Steve Townsend.

    The suspect's father, Bill Smith, said Grant has always done his best to help people and that's exactly what he was trying to do that day.

    "He's always helping people out," said Smith.

    Linda Baker said she watched her husband get out of a car with a gun. She said she told him that Daugherty was only a friend. She also said her husband got on the phone to call their daughter to tell her he had just killed her mom.

    Linda Baker told police she played dead so her husband wouldn't shoot her again.

    Greg Baker is charged with homicide and aggravated assault, among other charges.

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