Officer Trial

Juror who was removed from Michael Rosfeld case on final day of testimony speaks out

The juror who was removed on the final day of testimony from the Michael Rosfeld trial said she agrees with the other jurors who found the former East Pittsburgh police officer not guilty.

In an exclusive interview with Channel 11’s Aaron Martin, the juror said she doesn’t forgive Rosfeld for killing Antwon Rose but believes he wasn’t guilty of homicide based on how the law is written.

“Based on the rules, he was not guilty. That was kind of a devastating and hard thing for me to realize," she said.

The juror went into the trial believing the evidence would show Rosfeld was guilty of homicide.

Today, she feels differently.


"After you heard four days of testimony, a whole bunch of witnesses, you actually changed your mind?" Martin asked the juror. “I did," she said.

The juror talked about what details stuck out and why the judge removed her from the case hours before testimony ended, which she says was due to an anxiety attack.

“Forgetting to take some medication, and then I couldn't handle it, the stress of it, anymore," she said.

The juror said it was unexpected that Rosfeld took the stand in his own defense, but she felt he was believable in his testimony.

Despite agreeing with the not guilty verdict, she has strong reservations about what happened to Rose.

“Even though the law says he can do it, I don't know if I can forgive him. I understand why he did what he did," she said. "It bothers me so deep to my core that the first reaction is to pull a gun and shoot."