• Officer uses patrol car to stop runaway school bus after driver has medical issue


    GRANITE FALLS, Minn. - Dashcam video captured how a Minnesota sheriff's deputy and an off-duty assistant fire chief stopped an out-of-control school bus after the driver suffered a medical issue.  No children were on the bus, but the bus was veering toward oncoming traffic. 

    The driver had suffered an emergency on his way to a summer school pickup. Officers described him as an older man who was just staring straight ahead.


    Deputy Sheriff Eric Diekmann stayed out in front of the bus to warn the other drivers. Assistant Fire Chief Greg Meyer trailed the bus and hoped for a chance to help stop it. 

    After 6 miles, Diekmann saw his chance and blocked the bus, but only for a moment. Meyer leaped from his car and caught the bus before it got away.

    "Let's do it now or never. Opened the door, slammed open the door, threw it in park, and threw the key on the floor," Meyer told KARE.

    With the bus stopped, paramedics took the driver to the hospital. Nobody else got hurt. 


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